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Coffee Franchise | CINNZEO



The aroma of sweet cinnamon is one that is recognized and coveted by nearly every culture across the globe. Calgary based CinnZeo has captured this international flavor appeal in its series of fresh bakery products and made it available to franchise partners around the world.

What makes a CinnZeo franchise successful? Our belief that a rewarding franchise experience will keep franchise partners motivated and guests coming back. This philosophy means CinnZeo provides the same experience to our franchise partners as we ask them to provide to their guests: a warm and inviting setting, service that is friendly and efficient, and an end result that's rewarding.

Every CinnZeo franchise partner joins an organization committed to providing positive franchise and guest experiences. Our promise to our franchise partners: a timely franchise support network, communication that is open and ongoing, and help when and where you need it.

CinnZeo is expanding its franchise business around the globe, with franchise bakeries open in Canada, the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Mexico and Chile. We are currently seeking franchise partners for key markets in Canada. This is the opportunity you have been salivating for. Go ahead, indulge!


While coffee is the second largest commodity traded worldwide (behind oil), the coffee industry is still in its formative stages. Concepts that can provide a great cup of coffee continue to stand out in today’s beverage-crazed society. However, concepts that can provide a great cup of coffee along with a world-class pastry are few and far between. Only CinnZeo has combined the quality of small-batch roasted coffee by a Calgary based roaster, Kienna Coffee and the unbelievable emotional experience of a freshly baked, hand rolled cinnamon roll. This combination makes CinnZeo stand out in the crowded coffee and pastry business.

  • The Quality: CinnZeo is the only concept in its category that guarantees a fresh, oven hot, hand mixed, hand rolled cinnamon roll. Just like Grandma used to make. While all other brands have moved to frozen, machine-rolled products, CinnZeo has remained consistent to the values that have carried the brand for 25 years.
  • The Experience: The senior management team of CinnZeo has a combined total of 55 years of experience making just one thing; Cinnamon Rolls. This gives our entire support team a unique perspective on the business that most concepts cannot provide.
  • The Support: Because of this experience of having been on both sides of the Franchise Table, the support given to Franchise Partners is unparalleled in the business. Whether the bakery is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or downtown Calgary. Each partner is provided the same high level of professional guidance.
  • The Canadian Heritage: Not many concepts today can boast of being proudly Canadian. CinnZeo’s parent company, Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited has been Calgary based since 1986. Our ingredients are milled in Calgary, coffee roasted in Calgary and Senior Management born and bred Albertans.
  • The Flexibility: The CinnZeo concept can be executed on a variety of platforms; Kiosks, Mall Locations and Street Side. This allows our Franchise Partners to work in as little as 100sf, or as large as 2000 and opens up a variety of venues.
  • The Fun! Let’s face it. Cinnamon Rolls are fun! There’s no such thing as a “cold call” when you walk into a room with a box of oven hot, ooey-gooey, just-baked cinnamon rolls. Suddenly, everyone is your friend.

Indeed, why not now? CinnZeo is starting to ramp up its Canadian search for talented, well qualified franchise partners. Having spent the past few years successfully focusing on our international expansion, we are now “coming back home” to grow our business here. Canada has been positioning itself well on the world stage and confidence in the Canadian economy has not been higher. Now is the time to take advantage of this confidence and invest in a proven, well-managed business concept. Those words describe the CinnZeo experience perfectly. Give us a call, and let’s “get rolling!”
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