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Canada’s Spotlight Franchise Business Opportunity

One of the best ways to determine if a new business venture is right for you is to listen to other people who have already had similar experiences. Most of the business owners who have taken advantage of the franchise business opportunities listed here are people just like you. That is, they started out looking for a change in career or even lifestyle when they decided to run a franchise, and they each followed their own path to their current success. From stay-at-home moms looking for a way to earn an income to semi-retired men who were seeking an opportunity to flex their experience and business savvy, and many more in between, all of our franchisee spotlights are on real, down-to-earth people. It is said that it takes all sorts to make up the world, and our spotlights feature such a gamut of experience and talent that it's almost impossible to rule oneself out as someone who could take advantage of one our franchise business opportunities. Just as there is a wide range of franchise business opportunities featured on Buy That Franchise, there is an incredibly large net of people who have invaluable skills, experiences, and talents to contribute to the right kind of business. The initial work lies in finding that perfect match: the right franchise with the right person. Have a look through our franchisee spotlights today and find out just who took a proactive approach to shaping their own success, and just how they did it.

Maid Brigade Franchisee – Lisa Flood
Flood worked hard to get where she is today – one of the highest earning Maid Brigade franchisees forecasting more than $2 million in annual revenue in 2011....Click here to read full article

OPA! Souvlaki Franchisee - Manik Chakravarti
Today, Greek cuisine gives no promise of immortality, but does offer a tasty solution for anyone’s hunger. And one of the favourite places where Canadians flock for authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine is OPA! Souvlaki (of Greece)....Click here to read full article

Massage Addict Franchisees - Robert _ Diane Musselwhite
No strangers to the business world and also current owners of a major international fitness franchise, Robert and Diane Musselwhite were looking for the right opportunity to move into the future. ...Click here to read full article

Foot Solutions Franchisee - David Putnam
David Putnam spent eighteen months searching for the right franchise opportunity while shutting down his current business. Having started the business from ...Click here to read full article

ActionCoach Franchisee - Kyle Oberndorf
Kyle is an expert in business coaching and he works with established companies to change the way owners and managers run their businesses ...Click here to read full article

The Achievement Centre Franchisee - Alan Bottomley
For Alan, the key to his success is being focused on adding value to organizations by applying his experience and training to several areas of business. ...Click here to read full article

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Franchisees - Sheryl and Irv Bielas
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt was recently awarded 1st place in Restaurant Business Magazine's annual "Future 50" list, ranking it the fastest-growing franchise...Click here to read full article

CODE ZERO's 'Anchor' Franchise... the Justice Institute of British Columbia
Just as any popular and successful shopping mall needs an ‘Anchor’ tenant, the key to a popular and successful franchise network is having a strong ‘Anchor’ franchise. In the case of CODE ZERO, that strong ‘Anchor’ franchise is......Click here to read full article

Ajit Singh - Public Mobile Dealer Principal
For the past six years, I have been an importer and distributor of clear-out merchandise. Prior to this, I was involved in telecommunications industry in United States...Click here to read full article

Comfort Keepers Franchisee - Janet Jacobsen-Doucette
Janet Jacobsen-Doucette is a passionate person who finds her work with seniors to be extremely rewarding. For the past two years she has been working as the Business Development Manager of Comfort Keepers, White Rock/ South Surrey, British Columbia...Click here to read full article

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